"Simply milking KSA of $ 480B", the foreign minister of the mullahs' regime said in a tweet about President Donald Trump's visit to Saudi Arabia. When he talks about deals between a superpower and a major regional power in slang, does the foreign minister truly understand international relations and politics?

For me, all the figures and officials of the mullahs are only spokesmen of the Supreme Leader given this unprecedented political system. I have been fortunate enough to prove the truth of my claim when Khamenei called Saudi Arabia "America's milking cow" before his Minister of Foreign Affairs reiterated this idea of "milking", suggesting that a "barnyard mentality" controls the mullahs. Zarif simply said what the guide had dictated to him. He asked him to use this description of the deals that had taken place between Saudi Arabia and the United States. He only expressed what he was told to, even if it means a great disappointment to the foreign minister of a country claiming civilization and history and looking for influence through an expansionist sectarian agenda.

Khamenei made himself the "defender" of the people of Saudi Arabia, and accused Saudi officials of incompetence in Ramadan session. "Do not be fooled by appearance, the rulers of the Saudi regime will fall soon. They are false, and falsehood always falls down," claiming the Saudis were "strong against the Muslims and compassionate with the Infidels,"(a reference to Quran 48-29).

Khamenei's obsession with regime-fall rhetoric helps him drug the minds of his supporters, in the manner of a true charlatan.

"The legendary wealth is national wealth they bring to the enemies of the people, thinking that through people's wealth they can win the sympathy of the enemies of Islam", he said, while in face seeking to plunder and capture the wealth through numerous schemes that are anticipated by the kingdom that strengthened its defenses and barricaded itself through development and overall power. Billions of dollars went to supporting the Houthis, the Lebanese Hezbollah and the Shiite militias in Iraq, the mobilization forces, in the financing of Iranian terrorism plots through the world.  Billions of dollars are spent every year on Iran's media apparatus targeting the Arab region.

If your house is made of glass, do not throw stones at others. Khamenei's Iran is suffering very serious economic problems. While their money is used to fund the militias and carry out conspiracy plans, half a million Iranians are unemployed every year because of failed policies.  An estimated 3 million and 200,000 is the number of unemployed young people (Iranian research centers talk about 5-6 million unemployed), at an unemployment rate of 12% on the lowest estimates. Does he want more development indicators?

Saudi Arabia is conducting arms, trade, economy and development deals in accordance with a declared strategic vision of 2030, while the Revolutionary Guards of hate and accusations, who have lost several times in Iraq and Syria, steal their people's money and would pay all of it to convince the Trump administration to change its attitude toward their regime.  They had a historic opportunity when the Obama administration made the nuclear agreement. They could have opened a new page with their neighbors and the world based on goodwill and respect for the sovereignty of other countries. But instead they went arrogant and boastful of occupying Arab capitals.

If they do not let go their barnyard mentality and strategic blindness, the fate of their regime will fall not because of wars, military operations and conspiracies, but because of the logic of history and civilization. Their model of governance is unsustainable and born still.

They should present a development model before teaching others how to run their countries. Iran failed even to stop the dark cloud in the atmosphere of Tehran, and its best product is terrorist militias, trenches and hideouts.