The UAE established the ministry of Happiness in 2016. Some people were surprised by the creation of such a ministry and considered it a kind of over-well-being. Among other priorities like health, education and security, happiness is a must in societies.


The UK now has a ministry to tackle loneliness and social isolation. The Prime Minister Teresa May has appointed Tracey Crouch, the secretary of State for Sport, as a Minister for Loneliness.

Social isolation is a challenging issue in Western societies. The UK, for example, has released many campaigns to combat this phenomenon. Nine million elderly and disabled people there suffer from social isolation. Jo Cox Commission on Loneliness was founded by Jo Cox, British Labour Party politician who was murdered in 2016 by a white supremacist, to investigate the issue.


Theresa May said that for many, isolation is the sad truth of modern life. The UK government conducted surveys that indicated that more than 9 million people "always or often feel lonely". About 200,000 elderly people were reported not having a conversation with a friend or relative for more than a month. About 85 percent of disabled adults, between 18 and 34, reported themselves as lonely.


These figures require an effort to overcome the consequences. The establishment of a Ministry of Loneliness reflects the needs of 21st-century evolution.


Loneliness and isolation can lead to higher rates of death and mental illness according to specialists. "Isolation is worse than smoking 15 cigarettes a day," says a British expert.

In the UK, about 2 million people over 75 are estimated to live alone. Many people say they can have days and even weeks with no social contact at all.


Isolation exists in Western societies but also in Arab societies. However, the issue is still not included in priorities. Social isolation may be considered something you should not talk about. Arab societies boast of family and social bonds. Social traditions are a link between older and newer generations. Modern lifestyle may cause elder people to feel more isolated.


As a result of progress, the State has to fulfil new tasks so as to provide happiness for people and combat loneliness. Priorities are not only health, education and security. The State has to set new strategies to adapt economic and industrial developments to the physical and psychological health.