The US administration is not likely to reconsider Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

"The "Wailing Wall" belongs to Israel," said a US senior official, adding that "the White House cannot envision a situation where Western Wall is not part of Israel." The Statements were made by a US official ahead of US Vice President Mike Pence’s visit to Israel next week.

I think these statements are preliminaries to a well-prepared American plan for peace in the Middle East. These preliminaries are being passed in a timely fashion to absorb reactions in the hope of implementing the plan at the right time.

The US administration believes that it's only about reactions being followed by serenity. No one has ever suggested that the Arab and Islamic countries would wage a war against the US because of its bias against Palestine. In fact, this is not possible by virtue of current geopolitical and military balance, which only allows current reactions.

There were no official warnings from the Arab or Islamic States. Terrorist organizations and demagogic leaders, such as Hassan Nasrallah and mullahs' leaders, politically exploit US positions to spread their impact in the region. Mixing up cards and capitalizing anti-US sentiment can result in planning terrorist attacks, either organisationally or by means of "lone wolves".

Instead of working to achieve a just and comprehensive peace, Washington has given a second gift to Israel ahead of Vice President Mike Pence's visit. The White House is blatantly under the effect of businessmen loyal to Israel.

Washington believed that the decision will have the Palestinian side demand peace negotiations and provide concessions so as not to lose more of its territories. The US thinks that by this move Israel will give the White House the green light to complete any planned negotiation process.

This thinking made the US lose its negotiation cards.  Continuing to give free gifts to Israel will only undermine the peace process and isolate the US from the rest of the world.