If Arabs and Palestinians spent hundreds of days on diplomacy, millions of dollars on public relations campaigns supporting Jerusalem as a capital for Palestine, their efforts wouldn't match the recent international move to determine the legal status of the Holy City after President Trump recognition of it as Israel's capital.

It is no secret that the Palestinian cause didn't top regional and international agendas in recent years. However, after a shocking American decision that is not in the interest of the US or its Arab allies, Arabs' main cause resurfaced.

Previous US administrations had offered Iran historical opportunities to extend its control and influence on Iraq following the 2003 invasion. Wrong decisions ensued that seemed to observers as if they were made in and for Tehran. The Obama administration allowed Iran to further expand in Syria and Iraq in exchange of making a nuclear deal that President Trump described as "the worst ever" and one that should be "torn up".

The Trump administration keeps talking about how it wants to curb Iranian influence and violations of international law. But Iran found another opportunity to spur more chaos and turmoil in the Middle East and implement its sectarian expansionist plan amid preoccupation on the repercussions of the Trump Jerusalem decision.

The Iranians will use it as a pretext to claim that they stationed in Syria to liberate Jerusalem and that an IRGC-Hizbollah alliance is planning to occupy Israel.

The decision fuels a new wave of anti US sentiments and destabilizes the Mideast. Trump did not pay attention to this but just to Tel Aviv's short-term interest.

Trump will find it hard to form an anti-Iranian Arab and Islamic alliance. He had his opportunity after the 2017 Riyadh summit but missed it instead blindsiding his Arab allies.

As a result, a new pro-Palestinian international alignment has formed. Even France and the UK stood strong for the right of the Palestinians in Jerusalem. The UK stressed the need to reach a Palestinian-Israeli peace agreement based on the 1967 borders. For France, Jerusalem should be the capital of two States through peace negotiations. Russia's UN ambassador confirmed that East Jerusalem will become the capital of a future Palestinian State and West Jerusalem, of Israel.

Trump's decision damaged the status of Jerusalem and the Palestinians' political right, but it did bring back the Palestinian cause to life.

The decision has produced a new reality along new opportunities for Palestinians and Arabs. With serious collective diplomatic action backed by the international and popular support, the Jerusalem decision can help the Palestinians recover their forgotten rights.