Qatar had wrongly intercepted two UAE civilian planes on their way to the Bahraini capital, Manama. Is the decision-maker in Qatar aware of the consequences of this reckless decision? Has the Qatari leadership lost its mind? Can Qatar bear the consequences of dropping civilian aircrafts carrying hundreds of passengers? The UAE will not stand idly by such a hostile act.


Intercepting civil aircrafts is a violation of the international law. The Qatari move has provoked the international community as a whole, not only the UAE. Civil aviation has long been a target of gangs and terrorist organizations. States are supposed to abide by and apply the international agreements and treaties over the security of civil aviation. Qatar sought to provoke the UAE to militarily target its territory and prove to the world that it is a victim. Its goal was to bring its crisis back into the spotlight, even if at the cost of the lives of innocents.


Targeting a civilian aircraft is a terrorist act carried out only by gangs and mercenaries. The Qatari interception of the two Emirati civilian aircrafts is a stupid decision that lacks any political measure.


The Qatari leadership can resort to something more foolish than this decision. It is difficult to anticipate what could be the next move Doha can make to attract attention.


The closer the world cup, the more Qatar is worried. Reports state that Qatar thinks about getting help from Tehran to organize the World Championship. Doha is aware of the costs, especially as Iran is labelled as a sponsor and host of terrorism. The state of the Iranian infrastructure makes it absurd to ask its support.


The United Arab Emirates responded reasonably in the face of the Qatari provocation. Its official and media response came out calm, balanced and wise. It decided to present what had happened to the UN in order to take the necessary decisions to stop the Qatari recklessness. The UAE made it clear to the international community that Doha is careless about civil aviation.


Qatar does not possess a rational and realistic strategy to diagnose its crisis. Doha cannot provide alternatives to pave the way for serious solutions. The Qatari leadership seeks to ignite a counter-crisis and create a stressful environment while the GCC countries are keen on security and stability in the region. Qatar is trying to have the four countries end the boycott without fulfilling any of the conditions.


Qatar wants to escape the conditions and carry on its provocative policies against the security of the GCC and the Arab States. But this will not happen. The Qatari leadership is wasting time, effort and its people's wealth.