The Qatari leadership behavior indicates a great confusion in managing its crisis. The media focus on the Qatari crisis declined after Qatar's calls for intervention to pressure the four anti-terrorism countries. Doha has tried to create many crises with the UAE in order to bring its crisis back to the spotlight.

The Qatari leadership realized the failure of plans to attract attention. It has resorted to a new trick as to divide the four countries. Doha tried to have a settlement with Egypt.

The Qatari Foreign Minister sent an indirect message to Cairo in the World-Famous Forum that was held in Davos. Qatar's Foreign Minister, Hamad Bin Jassim Bin Jabr Al Thani, said that Doha hopes to improve relations with Cairo denying the accusations against Qatar of destabilizing Egypt.

"We always hope to close the gap between Qatar and Egypt. And we believe that the differences we have with them are not important. We are concerned about the stability of Egypt. And those who claim that Qatar has a role in the destabilization of Egypt are making false accusations," said Al Thani is Davos.

"From an Arab perspective, the stability of Egypt is very important in the region," he said. Economically speaking, we have investments in Egypt and making sure that our investments are in good hands is a priority, he added.

Al Thani said that Qatar has no intention to destabilize Egypt. "Anyone who attempts to build up these differences is trying to create a false image about Qatar," he stressed.

The Qatari Foreign Minister finished his speech by stating that there was no response from the Egyptian side to sit down and clear things up. Doha has shown its willingness to sit and bring the views closer.

This policy reflects Qatar escaping the commitments caused by the crisis. Qatari minister's statements aim at mocking the other three countries. Doha pretends that there is a side-talk between Egypt and Qatar. These statements are launched with the aim to create doubts.

Egypt is the victim of Qatar's policies. Doha has long interfered in the region. Qatar has sponsored the Muslim Brotherhood for so long and provided media platforms to incite instability in Egypt.

The Qatari minister's remarks coincided with the meeting of the foreign ministers of the four countries. The four foreign ministers stressed that Qatar's policies must be consistent with the conditions as to resolve the crisis.

"The stability of Egypt is an important issue for Qatar," the Qatari minister said. No objective observer can believe this saying. Qatar was and is still continuing its plan to destabilize Egypt. The content broadcasted by Al-Jazeera channel is a proof.

Some might believe that the Qatari minister's statements are not aimed at flirting with the Egyptian leadership or trying to calm down the crisis with Cairo. Al-Thani is trying to make a good reputation of Doha by sending messages of goodwill. The Egyptian-Qatari history is full of conflicts that cannot be ignored.

The four countries to fight terrorism will not be fooled. The leaders are aware of the Qatari tricks on the security and the stability of the Arab peoples.