What happened to the worshipers of al-Rawdah mosque in the ouest of Al-Arish is a major development that warns that Egypt is more targeted than ever. Similar crimes have been committed in mosques in Iraq and Syria. Reproducing them in Egypt is aimed at creating sedition and unrest in the country.

The large number of victims suggests that there is a "big plot" that the State and the brave Egyptian army must tackle. A message was sent to Egypt and it must be responded to.

Such a crime cannot undermine the will of the good people of Egypt. They have already faced and overcome tremendous challenges. Egypt has always been victorious in the face of all their enemies throughout 7,000 years.

This despicable crime should not pass unnoticed. A military or other response should be made. The crime planners are aware of what they do and know their target well. The aim is that the terrorist crime pertains in the region, opening a new arena of unrest after the defeat of terrorists in Iraq and Syria.

Therefore, we should not underestimate the crime of the al-Rawdah mosque. The Iraqi experience specifically taught us that these organizations implement their great plans by spreading chaos and sedition using strategies like targeting mosques and spreading doubts to undermine the national unity. Under their wise leadership, the Egyptian people will not be an easy prey to this plot. The internal Egyptian conditions do not allow for major plots to be reproduced but international terrorism is continuing.

Targeting a mosque is like targeting every mosque in the Arab and Muslim world. It is a blatant proof that terrorism has nothing to do with religion. The fact is that we are all facing professional criminal organizations that receive funding from certain countries. Terrorism is sponsored by regional and global maleficent actors, helped by the narratives produced by the advocates of the clash of civilizations.

There have been many calls about the need to seriously tackle the financing and sponsorship of terrorism; yet strategic interests of different parties prevail over the interests of the whole world in defeating terrorism. Terrorism is a monster that can demolish the world and no fences, walls and complex procedures can prevent that.

There is a global consensus that terrorism is at the top of the threats to international peace and security. Nonetheless, the world is not acting seriously enough. While deals, concessions, financing, arming and facilities are offered to terrorist organizations all over the world, there are double standards and an unfair balance of interests towards terrorism.

The dramatic terrorist crimes led to expressions of shock and condemnation in various regions and countries. There are gaps where sponsors of terrorism can move. For instance, there is lack of a common definition of terrorism, which is limited to a specific ideology. Terrorism has different forms, manifestations and motives.

All in all, the fight against terrorism is not a fight of religions, sects and creeds. But it is a battle of the national State in the twenty-first century. The world can either win as a major unit of world order and international relations or allow the activities of organizations and militias and let them undermine national States' sovereignty.a