One of the most important advantages of sports competitions in general and soccer in particular is that they reflect deep meanings of loyalty and patriotism in younger generations. In Egypt, people took to the streets of cities and villages in various governorates, waving national flags, moments after an epic qualifier match for the 2018 Russia FIFA World Cup.

The streets, however, discredited all claims that the Egyptians were divided or that some of them were disloyal to their country. In reality, the Egyptian society is united and the events of the last few years were an insignificant phase of the history of Egypt.

The popular joy in reaching the World Cup finals was not only a sports celebration, but also an expression of optimism after years of troubles and worries.

Celebrating their national team, the Egyptians proved to everyone they were always a unit. The 100 millions of Egyptians ignored the haters who wanted their team to lose just to gloat over their misfortune.

The celebration this time was in the streets of Egypt, the hearts of its people, but also but also the minds of Arabs from the Atlantic to the Gulf. In UAE, the leadership and the people celebrated the Egyptian victory. His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid tweeted "Congratulations to Egypt, congratulations to all Arabs, on the qualification of the team to the World Cup. A beautiful Arab night. You made us happy from the Atlantic to the Gulf." Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed also congratulated the Egyptian team in a tweet. "I congratulate Egypt for qualifying for the 2018 World Cup. Another honorable achievement for all Arabs. Congratulations to the leadership and the fellow people of Egypt," he wrote. Many online platforms and social media pages were filled with sincere expressions of happiness from the Emirati people to their brothers in Egypt.

The joyful scene was the same in other Arab countries. The Palestinian people were especially happy of the Egyptian victory, proving that Arab brotherhood beats the divisive ideology that organizations of terrorism try to spread.

Some anti-Egyptian media outlets questioned the importance of this sports achievement, with their commentators trying to bring the people down by appeals to past crises. Celebrations of such achievements, however, have always been a spontaneous expression of love for the country. Also, depression cannot overcome challenges, whereas smiles can.

Life goes on despite all difficulties for a nation that has what it takes to confront them. Through economic, developmental, political and military challenges, Egypt has come out even stronger than before. The soccer victory coincided with the 44th anniversary of the October victory.

The Pharaohs team made millions of Egyptians and Arabs proud. Some people even cried when the score was a tie and the national team had almost lost its chance to qualify, before the team scored the goal that granted victory to Egypt. Their tears were for their country.