Dr. Al Ketbi holds a Ph.D. in Public Law and Political Science from the Faculty of Legal, Economic and Social Sciences at the Hassan II University in Casablanca for his thesis entitled "Political and religious propaganda and leadership in the Arab world social media".

Salem Al Ketbi is an Emirati Researcher and writer and political analyst

He is an article writer for several Arabic and international newspapers and websites as well as many news sites and websites of centers of studies and research.

He participated in many conferences, seminars and workshops, and has published numerous publications and research cases in various fields, some of them tackled the Palestinian issue and the role of the United Arab Emirates in supporting the Palestinians, and the philosophy of the humanitarian aid of the UAE, the national security of the UAE and Arab and international political affairs.

He published a lot of articles of opinion, which mostly focus on discussing the phenomenon of religious extremism and terrorism in all its aspects, and his articles also focus on addressing issues relevant to UAE foreign policy, and interaction with events, and the successive crises at the regional and international levels.

He is interested in several strategic and intellectual issues, notably the fight against religious extremism and terrorism, the intellectual and organizational structures of the currents of political Islam, the Iranian-Arab relations, and the transformations of international relations in the Twenty First Century, security and stability in the Arab world, the renewal of religious discourse, and the relationship between culture and religion, and political and social effects of social networking media, and issues of national security and the factors affecting it, and sectarian conflicts in the Arab and Muslim worlds and the development of education.